Report on Activities of Korea Woman ; s NGOs [자료집]

표제 : Report on Activities of Korea Woman ; s NGOs [자료집]

주제 : 국제연대 ; 북경세계여성대회

기술 : 1. Equal participation in the politics and decision making processes -7p
2. Gender and development -17p
3. Media -29p
4. Violence against women and women's human rights in korea -39p
5. Toward, establishing peace on Korean peninsular -47p
6. Realizing the equal rights and full participation of disabled women -55p
7. Activities and development strategies of Korean women's Organizations to realize 'WOMEN'S ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT" -63p
8. Environment, and sustainable development -71p
9. Education and women -83p
10. Women's movement in religion for recovering humanity -91p
11. A strategy paln for women's health -101p
12. The importance of the cultural activities of women in preparation for a new society -113p

생산자 : Korea Women's NGO Committee

발행처/출판사 : Korea Women's NGO Committee

날짜 : 1995-06-18

파일형식 : 123쪽

언어 : 영어

유형 : 자료집

컬렉션 : 자료집

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